Tuesday, September 05, 2006

My Dad

Thanks for all the nice messages regarding my dad. The diagnosis is myelodysplastic syndrome. (or something like that) It is a pre-leukemia condition that could turn into leukemia sooner or later. She said you just have to keep checking it. His white cells are WAY out of whack. They are going to treat him for anemia now and chemo later if it developes into acute leukemia. Acute leukemia was my fear. So, when I left there today, I was relieved. I was prepared for the worst.


LisaBe said...

this is what my friend joe has about whom i keep blogging, for whom we just did the marrow/peripheral blood stem cell drive. he's getting better with chemo right now, but he's still in desperate need of the pbsc transplant. his blog is pretty good reading--i think it's http://joekaren.blogspot.com, or maybe it's http://karenjoe.blogspot.com. it's definitely linked often in my blog entries. anyway, the real point is that i'm so sorry about your dad. i know this is hard. keep us posted and let us know what we can do.

Yvonne said...

I echo Lisa's comments! Let us know what we can do. We're all here for you, Holly. :)
(No pun intended, but even though we're spread out, we are a tight-knit little community.)

Rose said...

Although not wonderful news, I'm glad that the news about your dad wasn't as bad as it could've been.

God Bless!

LaurieG said...

I'm glad the news was better than expected. Let's hope it keeps getting better and better!