Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Please. Don't Let This Happen To Your Husband

Believe me, it looks worse enlarged. Day Off Pullover? How about Pull Down The Shades And Hide In The Closet Pullover??

Like I said before, this is the only knitting magazine I subscribed to. (in a moment of I saw this issue in the supermarket yesterday and almost grabbed it and put it in the cart. Then I started thinking... don't I get this in the mail?? Once again, a magazine out on the news stand before a subscriber gets it in the mail. If it had been Vogue or Interweave Knits I'd have been perturbed. It was in my mail when I got home. I didn't see anything in it I would knit. There have been a few cute things in past issues though.

No knitting last night. Had dinner with a friend then got called to the hospital upon hearing that my mother was taken to the ER. She is now in ICU. Dad starts chemo next week. So, yeah, life is not so much fun at 50 something. However there are moments when you just have to crack up or you will crack up. Take this morning for instance. I go to the hospital at 6:45am to check out the overnight situation. Can't get into the ICU because something major is going on in there and no visitors are allowed in. I talked to a nurse. She gave me the scoop and I left. As I was exiting the parking garage, I notice that there is a new little toll booth thingy and new money machine to pay to get out. I'm thinking... THANK YOU GOD. The old one sucked so bad that you just almost had a nervous breakdown every time you tried to use it. So I have my 4 quarters in hand (being all smart about it because the dollar thing is always way too finicky) and I try to put the quarters in and they won't go. The quarter slot is not wide enough to accept the quarters. So I'm frustrated and there are cars behind me and I'm routing through my purse for a dollar bill that doesnt' look like it's been handled by 10,000 people in 48 states, and I finally find one and put it in upside down and the machine starts talking to me. OK. So I pretty much let the machine have it. I told the machine that this was just really great because I wasn't stressed out enough to begin with today and I really needed this right now, etc. etc. I'm pretty much just yelling at the machine at this point. And that's when I see it. The camera. Oy.

Tonight's TV 10 lead in: "Crazy real estate agent has mental collapse in hospital parking garage." FILM at 11:00.


Donna said...

Holly I hope things start looking up for you. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...
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Cheryl:) said...

I know just what you are feeling. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness
i hope things get better sweetie.

and i hope the person on the other end didnt get to mad at you.


LaurieG said...

Sometimes you just have to vent! Hopes and prayers that things are better for you!

Shell said...

Big Huggs Holly! Goodness its not fun to have life throw you loops like that - things here have been busy- I got the sweaters from Carla on Friday- Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!
Prayers are being said for you!