Friday, September 22, 2006

Crazy Life

Work: Complete and Total Insanity

Home: A mess (I keep waiting for the Department of Health to show up at the door)

daughter 1... enjoying motherhood.

daughter 2... home to see grandma and grandpa.

son: haven't crossed paths lately but judging from the clothes on the bathroom floor I'd have to guess he's still living here.

Knitting: What's that???

Mom: Home from hospital today (turns out dialysis is responsible yet again. they are bound and determined to kill her while trying to keep her alive)

Dad: tolerating Chemo well

Niece: visiting from London with hubby and Giorgi

Husband: wondering if I still live here

Me: exhausted and also wondering if I still live here


Cheryl:) said...

try to take care of yourself. you have a hard row ahead. Dialysis is very tiring,