Monday, September 11, 2006

Where did that weekend go???

I feel like I never left my desk. But through all the madness I did manage to get Colin's sweater sewn together and trimmed. Kelly really likes it. When she saw I had red buttons for it she was a little surprised but she didn't know about the red blanket stitch until it was finished. I will make the little hat that goes with it too. Eventually.

I worked at the Altoona First Festival at Lakemont Park on Friday evening and Saturday afternoon for Habitat for Humanity. It wasn't so bad. I worked the cash register most of the time so I didn't have to deal with the food which was fine by me. Then yesterday was all about Colin. He was baptized yesterday. So we had a big family party with too much good food. Way too much. We had a great day. The little guy is growing like a weed. The priest annointed his head with oil that smelled like cloves. He smelled wonderful all day. I obviously got it on my shirt because I could smell it all evening.

The golf tournament on Thursday was a huge success. We are fortunate to have our tournament just keep getting better year after year when others are struggling. I think we owe it to the hard work my brother does to keep it going. He's passionate about it. I actually started a sock there early in the morning and turned the heel before I left that day. It is the worsted weight hunting sock on size 4 needles, so it went quickly.

So today is Sept. 11th..... I can't believe it's been 5 years. I remember that year we had a decision to make about the golf tournament. It was scheduled for Sept. 13th and no one felt like doing anything but sitting at home and moping. We did decide to go on with it and it was a strange day. Everyone was so quiet. I sat out there all day long on that green just thinking about the ramifications and noticing how quiet it was without any air traffic. (there is a ton of air traffic over that area all the time) There is no way I could have realized that day how our world was going to change after that. A lot has happened since then. A lot of death and destruction.
It's been one year this month since we visited ground zero for the first time and only a few weeks since we've seen the Shanksville memorial site. We actually did see the Pentagon a few weeks after it was hit because we had a baptism in Arlington to go to. I just keep thinking.... how can this kind of hate exist?

I was in a meeting at the Blair County court house when it happened. I didn't know about it until after the meeting. I had my cell phone turned off and when I left there, I had a call from our secretary and frantic calls from my kids. I listened to my kids calls first and I was so confused. How could they be worried about two people in two different cities "because of what's going on"? My nephew worked at the Pentagon from time to time and my niece was living in Manhattan and often worked in the trade center buildings where her company had clients. No one rested until we heard they were both ok. We were lucky. So many were not.


SJ said...

Adorable sweater! I was wondering about the red buttons myself, but they work so well with the red stitching!

Rose said...

I love Collin's new sweater! The blanket stitch is awesome. How's your dad?