Thursday, August 03, 2006

Baby Sweater or Sizzle???

Deciding what to work on these days is a tough decision. Last night I chose Sizzle while watching Project Runway. (Amazingly Angela designed something half way decent last night which surprised me) I love how Sizzle is turning out. Now if I can just get the neckline right I'll be thrilled with it.

Knitting night at the assisted living facility was fun. We didn't have "company" this time though. A few of the residents stopped to say hello but no one joined us. A few of the girls were working on their Gypsy Knits socks. They said that the mill that makes the cotton/elastic yarn for those socks is moving to India and the dyer is not going to be able to get it anymore. That's a bummer. I haven't used any of mine yet but it does look fun to knit with.

I went shopping for clothes last night. Tried stuff on for two hours and left with NOTHING. I found a business suit I loved at Kaufmanns... awesome price... fit like a glove... and had a big grease mark on the back of it that I didn't notice until I took it off. I wish I had never put it on. And of course they didn't have another one in my size. The pants even fit. They were LONG enough. It was a miracle. I should have known not to get too excited. It's never that easy for me.

Check out the Forbes Forest scarf some guy knit. It's on the Scarf Style KAL site. It's awesome. Makes me want to try it.
Scarf Style Knit-Along

Interesting... I just overheard an elderly woman in our conference room saying that when she purchased her house, it was 6 months after a bill was passed allowing a WOMAN to purchase a home on her own. Before that, women could only purchase real estate in partnership with a man. Can you believe that?? She said women could inherit and own a home, but not purchase on their own. Geesh! We've come a long way baby. Thank God.


SJ said...

Grrr, I am still waiting for my Sizzle pattern! For some reason my e-check will not clear. Just as well -- I should probably work on my shawl before I get all distracted by Sizzle anyway!

Shell said...

Hey there Holly! Both of the knits look great. In case you want to check what I have been up to - here is my blog addy:
so you can help keep me focused on making the yarn for Oct!