Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cute Little Purse

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I have just a tiny bit of "W" to do to finish up and what do I work on last night instead? A little purse to match Arlene. I have an entire skein of yarn left over (yes, I'm overcompensating for my tendency to run short) and I just decided to do a fun little quickie project. I've been wanting to knit one of these up since I discovered them on Tara's blog. (www.dirtypurls.blogspot.com)
And since I saw this website:Margaret Nicole New York, clutch bags Can you believe those prices? That's just way over the top outrageous! For something that cost them about $5.00 to make? Please! Do you think people actually BUY them?

I also discovered this morning that the powder blue cotton yarn I bought at the LYS's midnight madness sale matches a dress I got for an upcoming wedding in September to perfection. Can I get a shawl made by then? Only if I start right now and let everything else go which would mean no Clapotis for my sister's birthday. :-( Decisions, decisions.


luvs2knit said...

What is this knitting world headed toward with these outragous prices? I am going to make the Charm Bag from 1st SNB book and it's yarn I received from my SP.

Make the shawl for you. When's your sister's birthday?

Knitting Hill said...

Those are cute!