Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Lace - Part II

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My dilemma is that I have the yarn, it matches the dress to perfection, and I need to knit a shawl with the yarn to go with the dress. Having failed miserably with a very lovely pattern, and needing to switch to a pattern I could memorize, I came up with this "seafoam" stitch shawl when I was searching open/lace stiches on Knitting.about. I think it will be ok but it's sure not going to be as nice as Micahaela would have been. But, like I said, I have enough frustration in my life.

Off topic, our dog ate a carton of paint balls while we were in Delaware and it was touch and go for a while. The kids did a great job of following the vet's directions and getting her to throw it all up. If you have teenagers into playing paintball... make sure the paintballs are out of the dog's reach. According to the vets, dogs love them. And if you don't you'll be cleaning up red poop for a long time. Ask me how I know this.