Monday, October 10, 2005


Don't you hate it when you spend about 1/2 hour on a post and then realize you posted it to the wrong blog??? My extended family is definitely NOT interested in my weekend knitting activities and I posted the darn thing on the family blog only to have to delete it and start over again here in the right spot. (I can just hear them all talking about Aunt Holly the nutball now)

So anyhow, I got the black bag felted over the weekend but that's about it. It's larger than I thought it was going to be but that's ok. It's still fine. I like how it turned out. The little strips are side straps. I'm looking for the right buttons for on the straps and I think I can find them here: I ordered black wooden handles from the "rip off" company. That's what I call them anyhow. Each handle was $7.49. I think spending $15.00 on handles is a little much. But that's just me. I refuse to use cheap plastic.

In huge personal knitting news, I found out today that my niece who THOUGHT she was having a girl (information received from a previous test) found out today that she is really having a BOY. The sonogram revealed that if it's a girl.... it's a girl with a big problem! Man, am I glad I didn't start knitting for that baby yet. There's nothing worse than a boy in pink!

And speaking of boys, I babysat this little tazmanian devil last night (hence, no knitting). This is my nephew's son who was one year old in August. Little this kid cute or what???


luvs2knit said...

Computers can sometimes be awful.

I'm glad you didn't start knitting, too for your niece. oops!!!

Your nephew is very cute. But, then they grow up.