Friday, October 07, 2005

None News

I have none news. (my kids used to say this when they were very little) They would have none candy, or none money, or none friends to play with. Ah... memories. Anyhow, no knitting news other than I made progress on the black purse last night after my hair appointment. And, yes, I have a cool new "do". I couldn't take letting it grow another minute so I'm back to very short hair and I love it.

My boss got me a cool new printer/scanner/photo shop thingy yesterday. Just what I needed... another toy to distract me from doing my work. Of course I had to play with it all afternoon. Hopefully I got it out of my system.

So it's a rainy, dreary day in Central Pennsylvania today. I guess that's good because I have to spend the morning in school learning how to fill out the new state agreement of sale document to purchase property. When I got into real estate, the agreement of sale was one page with a separate mortgage addendum page. The new agreement of sale is 8 pages long. My how times have changed. Liability in this industry is off the chart. I know people who took the real estate classes and after listening to the instructors describe the liability issues decided it was not the job for them and never bothered to sit for the test. Probably a smart decision.

My little cable purse was a hit with my niece. She really likes it. She actually said that people stopped and asked her where she got it! Maybe I should quit work and knit little purses. I think I'll tell my husband that I'm going to do that. Right.