Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dirty Cashmere

My cashmere from Elann.com arrived yesterday. I have to admit to being disappointed in the color. I can't even remember what kind of white they were calling it, and it's no longer on their website (they must have sold out), but what they SHOULD have called it is "dirty white" because that's what it looks like. It's such a dull gray/white. Certainly I'll use it but not with the pleasure that I was anticipating.

I almost have the front left of trellis finished.... worked on that last evening. I'm pretty certain that I can have that finished by the date that I had hoped and then it's heavy into Christmas knitting. My nephew requested a ski hat and scarf that I will totally enjoy knitting for him. I'm flattered that a grown nephew would ask! And the good thing is that I know he'll appreciate it. I don't know if he'll appreciate having to get it cleaned instead of throwing it in the washer though! I'll make it with Cascade 220. If you want warm, you want wool. He'll get over it. And for those of you thinking about knitting a great ski hat, check this one out...

the blue blog patterns: double knit cap Warm!

Work beckons... have a great day!