Monday, October 10, 2005


So I'm searching and searching for the perfect buttons for on the black felted bag. She said she wanted some great "funky" buttons on the bag. I googled the word "buttons" and the only type of buttons that came up were blog buttons and campaign buttons, etc. So I google "buttons" and "sewing" and the website that I posted previously came up (and you have to buy in bulk there folks, which I didn't realize before) and ...get this... THE RIP OFF COMPANY came up. The wooden handle rip off company has buttons too. And did I like the buttons at the rip off company??? Of course I did. Did I PURCHASE buttons from the rip off company? Of course I did. What can I say? They had THE buttons for the bag. And you're probably thinking... so Holly, how much did you pay at the rip off company for 4 buttons? I paid $15.00 for 4 buttons plus $5.00 shipping and handling. So now, I've paid $15.00 for the handles plus $5.00 shipping and $15.00 for the buttons plus $5.00 shipping totaling $40.00!!! Why didn't I just go out and buy her a Coach Bag or something???? :-) That's OK... she's worth every penny.

Is this NOT the perfect button??


Cheryl:) said...

definitely sounds like a rip off!