Thursday, October 27, 2005

So Many Projects.... So Little Time

As if I didn't have enough going, I had to start this last night:

I decided to make the "Misty Garden" scarf from "Scarf Style" with the cashmere yarn for my mother. This pattern is designed to show off the colors in hand painted yarns but I just liked the look and size of it for this yarn which is somewhere in between a fingering weight and DK.

It's the first lace type thing I've been able to be successful with... of course if you can't do this pattern, you need to hang up the needles. Even my disordered brain can grasp this elementary repeat.

Tonight I will work on Trellis again. I'll start the second sleeve... I'm avoiding the right front because I've never done button holes before... well, I have, but not well, believe me.

So my husband shamed me into buying candy for the Trick or Treaters tonight. I guess I won't be a Halloween Scrooge after all. I think it's funny that he was so adamant about it because one thing is for sure... HE won't be the one answering the door. MEN!