Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Just plugging away....

on Clapotis. I worked on this last night while I sort of but not really watched the Steeler game. I just can't get into it like the rest of the family. I wish I could. I'd like to be as excited about it as they are. I'm not sure why I do get excited about it if they make the play-offs but can't get excited about it during the regular season. I'm just not into football.

I ordered some berocco suede for a special project to be named later... can't get into it now because of snoopy people here :-) But it's really really really CUTE!!!!! I know... what a tease!

Well, gotta run. I have to go tell people that their house isn't worth what they think it is. I always hate that. I hate to burst that delusional bubble. As much as I like this job, that's the one part I hate.


luvs2knit said...

Holly, I love that color of red. It will look beautiful on you.