Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Grrrr.... FRUSTRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!

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After having blood work done last week, I was informed yesterday that I need yet another test and that I was to go back to the hospital and get it done. The doctor was faxing the order to the lab. So, I get up extra early so I can be there at 7:00am this morning and beat the crowd and make it to work on time... get there at exactly 7:00am .. only to find out that the doctor never faxed the order. That made me a little angry. Oh, hell, it made me a lot angry... let's be honest about it. If I did that to someone I'd never hear the end of it.

So tomorrow is Trick or Treat night in the burg. (not the burgh... our LITTLE burg) Previously, in years gone by, our kids and their boyfriends or girlfriends at the time always had a little tradition of answering the door and handing out the candy. This year, with no one at home, (ok, the boy is still at home but his girlfriend is away at school and he has no further interest in the project) it's up to me to answer the door. This is no easy feat. We live across the street from the only supermarket in town. People from the rural areas come in droves and drop their kids off in that parking lot and they (for some reason) head straight to our door. We get hundreds. Now, don't get me wrong, I like the little goblins. What I don' t like is older teenagers without costumes coming in groups of 10 and 12 with their grocery bags extended and then having the nerve to say "can I have an extra one for my little brother who's at home sick?" Yeah, right. Then I turn into "Halloween Scrooge" and the whole spirit and fun of it goes right into the toilet for me. So I'm asking myself... is it worth it? Or after 28 years of handing out candy is it time to turn the lights out and not put myself through it? Have I paid my Halloween dues? Is it time for a new generation of Halloween moms to take over? Or am I just getting old and cranky? Probably the later. Oh well. Whatever.

Is there knitting content today? Well I finished the front left of Trellis last evening. I hope it's ok. I guess I won't really know until construction. It looks right. I also got about a half of a sock completed at an "agent open house" I had at one of my broker's listings yesterday. The weather was so terrible that almost no one showed up and I just sat and knit away. Socks are great "take along" knitting for things like that. It's my firm belief that knitters should always have a pair of socks on the needles for those occasions when you might have to kill time somewhere. They're very portable.

I told my older daughter, the lovely Kelly, that I wanted to knit her a sweater this winter and she decided that she wants "Josephine" from Isn't it just like a kid (ok, a grown kid) to choose a sweater-coat that would take me 5 years to knit. I told her to re-think it. Until I win the lottery and can knit all day I won't be knitting any big, long projects like that!