Friday, October 21, 2005

Thursday Knitting Frenzy

The back of Trellis is finished. SOOOOO cute! I can't believe how fast this went. The gauge is total perfection which is unheard of for me. When I finished this I worked on the socks AND clapotis. When I think of what all I need to complete for Christmas I get a little stressed. I'm not sure why I do this to myself. I have 3 scarves, two pair of socks and a purse that aren't even started yet. So my plan is to let Clapotis go for now... I need to put it away so I'm not tempted to work on it. Since Clapotis is for me it can wait.

Also waiting for me after the holidays are the following projects: (FOR ME!)

Fiber Trends Seascape Shawl Fiber Trends Hand Knit Designs (have the yarn, don't know if I have the patience)

Kepler fathom (ordered the yarn from a local spinner.. I'm so excited!)

Samus (don't have the yarn... I do want to do this one in the yarn called for)

Rogue (have the yarn... my daughter brought it back from Ireland for me)

Ok.. I know.. I need to get over the celtic cable thing.

It is such an ugly day here in central PA. Raining like crazy and cold. And, of course, I have a million and one things to do today that involve going in and out.

Cate is coming home tonight and we've decided it's Pina Colada night. Yay!


luvs2knit said...

Hope you and Cate have a good night with your Pina Coladas!!! I cannot wait when I can do that with my daughter. I have to wait many years, though!

Anonymous said...

Your Trellis back is absolutely beautiful! I was hoping it was a cardigan, wandered to Knitty to check it out. But *whine* its a baby sweater *whine* (am looking for an adult cardigan pattern I can get into knitting)...

jillz said...

Trellis is looking great, Holly! I have a baby I need a gift for, I think I'll check that one out. Thanks for the heads up!