Thursday, October 13, 2005

Holy Heck! Where Have I Been?

There was not one but THREE new knitting magazines on the newstand when I went to the store this evening. I usually find them a day or two after they've been put on the shelf. All I can say is that I'm glad I leafed (is that a word?) through them before just throwing them in my cart. I saw NADA. Not one thing that I would knit. Vogue was a true disappointment. Usually I want to make everything in Vogue. There was one maroon cabled shoulder thingy (maybe # 24 or 26?) that I liked but not enough to go to the trouble. I wouldn't know what I'd ever wear it with.

Then there was Better Homes and Gardens "Knit It" and Family Circle "Easy Knitting". I didn't see anything in those either. One of them had a big sock tutorial in it which would be great for new sock knitters. I have high hopes for "Interweave Knits" but I usually can't knit anything from that magazine anyhow.

The buttons came today from the "rip off" company. I can't believe I paid what I did for those things. But, having said that, they ARE perfect. That bag is going to be so cute when it's finished. The handles came too. They're fine. Not worth $20.00 but just what I needed for the purse.

Photos tomorrow!