Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sheetz MTO's , Work, Felting, and Intarsia Update

So I just INHALED a Sheetz MTO Tuna sub and I feel like I need to go run around the building about 200 times for damage control. Gosh I love Sheetz food. I just love food period. The Sheetz headquarters is here in Altoona. Nice people.. good food. Great marketing. I admire that company. They seem to do everything right.

I had an appointment that I was looking forward to get canceled at the last minute today. Drat. I got all dressed up for nothing! I could have dressed WARM today! I tend to dress less professionally in the winter because I really need to be warm. What I REALLY need is to live in Florida.... although I have to say the weather really is the only thing that impresses me there. It's flat, every house looks the same, it's buggy, it's reptiley... OK, nevermind, I talked myself out of it. I'll just stay here and freeze to death.

Tomorrow night at the LYS there is a felting night where everyone buys one skein of wool and then trades lengths to make a striped bag. So we'll swap and knit. Sounds like fun, don't you think? I need another project like I need a hole in the head, but, hey, I DID finish Kepler, right?

The intarsia Corie sweater is almost there. I just need to add the button and collar trim and I'm finished. I'm excited to give it to her. She won't be too thrilled but I think her mom will like it. I'll have plenty of yarn left over to make some little accessories to go with it... maybe a hat and mittens.

I've got my mind on future projects now that I'm winding down on the the big ones I had going. Still can't get Michaela out of my system and I need to do Kelly's big bulky sweater that I promised her. And the Lady Eleanor shawl is swirling around in my brain as well. And jaywalkers. And what about baby Colin.. my grandson whom I haven't knit anything for yet except for a tiny pair of socks. I wonder what that's all about. Am I waiting to meet him to decide what he might like? I'm thinking he should be my first priority. I love that pinwheel baby blanket. Could be the way to go....


Donna said...

mmmm love sheetz MTO. Every time we go up to Butler to visit family I swear we stop at Sheetz on the way home for coffee etc. I guess I am lucky cause I work at home. Can dress as warm (dorky) as I want. The felted bag idea sounds really neat.