Wednesday, May 03, 2006


I found this while browsing this morning. Yeah, it's the whole lace thing again. Last night at knitting night, Shelly, brought in her "sheep shawl" and it was awesome. I had my camera in my purse, but did I think to get it out and take a photo? No. Of course not. Anyhow, it just made this lace obsession I have resurface... so this morning I searched for a project I could do.. and possibly have finished for June 3rd when I hope to wear a dress that could use just such a shawl. This pattern looks doable. Maybe. I DO want to try the "convertible" pattern in Knitty too, but I think this one would be better with the dress I have in mind. I have so many things going right now, and not enough time.

This morning I took a photo of the Erin bags I'm making but the photos didn't turn out. I'll have to finish them up and take the photo outside. They really are cute. I think I'll give them to my niece and daughter for Mother's Day. Sorry Cate. Your day will come. (tell me what color you want and I'll make you one too.)

So the pattern for the little Erin bags I make is easy if you want to jot it down. I can't write a pattern the right way, but if you're a knitter, you can figure this out.

(found these photos from an August post)


Worsted weight yarn - one skein is all you need and it would probably make a few. (wool or cotton)
Satin Ribbon
Small, Round Handles (you'll need two)
Sewing Needle for Yarn
Fabric for Lining (I buy the calico quarters at JoAnn's)
Size 8 needles

Cast on 54 St.
First Row: (RS) K4, P4, K6, P4, K2, P4, K6, P4, K2, P4, K6, P4, K4
Second Row - work stitches as they present

Continue with this pattern and cable the K6 stitches every 6 rows or how often you prefer on a right side row. Knit until the piece is as long as you want it to be. Just keep folding it in half to see if it's the size you want the purse to be. It will block out much wider, but not much longer.

Block piece to a size that looks reasonable and line with appropriate fabric. I use fabric glue to attach the lining as sewing just screws up the knitted piece. (I lay the fabric on the piece and cut it to that exact size. Then I iron little hems all around and glue the fabric, hem down just inside the seam line so the fabric won't be in the way of the sewing.) Sew up sides leaving about an inch open at the top of each side. Sew each top edge onto small round handle using a double strand of yarn. I go through every stitch. Then, take satin ribbon and thread into yarn needle. Weave ribbon through the K2 stitches and tie in a bow on the side. Voila. Everyone LOVES these things. Great quick gift.


Heather said...

Cute bags those are!!!