Monday, May 15, 2006

Not One Stitch

I LOOKED at my knitting over the weekend but I never picked it up. I'm really entrelac'd out. I'm itching to start something new but I refuse to do that until the stole in finished. I showed what I have completed so far to my mother yesterday and told her it's coming.....eventually. She liked it. I did get her a nice hanging basket to ease the pain of having to wait for her gift!

Mother's Day was great. My family got me a gift cert. for an hour massage. They figure I can use it for my back which bothers me almost constantly. They're very thoughtful. I wish I could go right this minute. I was also told I have a gift cert. coming from the LYS from Kelly as soon as she gets out and about again. I see a set of Denise Interchangable Knitting Needles in my future.

So not much to report here on this extremely yucky day in Central Pennsylvania. It's raining , it's cold, it's ugly. Everyone in the office is in a bad mood. I just want to go home and put my sweats on and knit. And sleep. Then knit some more. Then sleep some more....


Donna said...

sleeping and knitting all day long? Woo hoo I want to come to your house. I have housework to do blah. I want to knit socks.