Friday, May 12, 2006

Knitting Content

GAH.... Put me out of my misery with this thing. I now know why they call for hand painted yarn for this project. So you have the colors to keep your mind off the boredom. It's a little more than half way finished. My brain is a little more than half way fried with it. It's going to be fabulous. If I kept it I would wear it around the house and do little dances in it.(not really but it's just SO fancy schmancy!) I love it so much. I just hate knitting it. It was fun at first. Now, not fun. Ok, enough of that.

My mind is drifting to summer knitting and I still have a million other things to do first. I cut the lining for the Erin bags and they are finished blocking. It's time to sew them up. I hope to make some progress on those tonight.

And, of course, now that I've seen the little peanut and I'm totally in love with him, it's time to knit for Colin. He's so awesome.


Yvonne said...

Holly, I have found THE knitting book for, so you can make things for Little Colin. WEE KNITS, from the Mission Falls folks. It was $7 at Knit One. I know this because I am knitting a shop sample for them from the book. I'll email ya.

Heather said...

That stole is awesome!

That the knitting fingers are itching to make baby stuff isn't surprising with that cute little face!