Friday, May 05, 2006

ZYX Photo Friday - Featuring the letter "K"

K is for Kevin

I can't really remember when I realized I had it for Kevin Costner. A long time ago. He's one of the few Hollywood stars I have a thing for who isn't young enough to be my son. (well Antonio Banderos isn't young enough to be my son but he's younger) Anyhow, yeah, as Catie's friend Carly would say "break me off a piece of that!" Nuff said. Gotta go... drooling on keyboard.

Oh, wait. One more thing... I also have it for Kevin Klein. What is it about the name Kevin???


Yvonne said...

ooo yeah. I like Kevin Costner too! Like a fine wine...improving with age!

Donna said...

Yummy! I remember when I was in high school and my friends and I saw Robin Hood and Dances with Wolves. Sigh.....everytime I watch Robin Hood, my husband always complains "that is not how the story goes". I don't think he has caught on that I am just watching for Kevin. Heehee.

LisaBe said...

preach it, sister. amen. those legs... as we said where i came from, "he's finer than frog hair!"