Tuesday, May 09, 2006

You may want to pass on this one...(yeah, it's a little boring)

I have no exciting news about anything including knitting. I worked on both the entrelac stole and a pair of socks last night. The kind of knitting you don't even want to pick up but you know you have to. Now that I'm finally in the mood to start Colin's sweater I have too much else going.

And speaking of Colin, I washed his baby clothes last night so they would be ready for him. All of his things are at our house from the shower since they are still in such transition. Looks like their house will not be finished in time for his arrival so he'll go home to the in-laws for a little while. It sure was fun playing with baby clothes again. It's been a while. (a long while)

I did find an interesting site with some reversible scarf patterns yesterday. I'm thinking that's what I'll use one of the skeins I got at MS&W for since there isn't enough of it to make much else.
Check it out: Reversible knit stitch patterns I like the twin rib one.

I just got an email that there is going to be a drop spindle class at my LYS on May 25th. $30.00 includes the spindle and roving. I'm so there. I've developed a little bit of a fascination with this process. I hope it doesn't lead to bigger things because I really don't have time for another hobby!!


Z said...

Holly...I am in your neck of the woods tonight!