Thursday, May 04, 2006

Is It Saturday Yet????

So, yeah, yesterday basically sucked big time. Everything work related that could go wrong did. Today probably won't be much better. I hate this job. I love this job. Hate it. Love it. Yoy. Double Yoy. (a tribute of sorts to Myron)

I didn't get to knit last night. I accompanied a new agent on a listing appointment (from hell) and then went to the funeral home. A friend's mother died. Hitting a little too close to home at the moment. Sad. There were just tons of people there. Lots of love in that room. Must make a family feel good to know so many people care. I was feeling the love the whole time I stood in line waiting to see the family (over 20 minutes). The love was short lived. When I was only two people back from seeing my friend, I noticed a man (whom I know but not real well) come in the door, completely skip the line, and jump line right in front of me. So all the love I was feeling disappeared and feelings of "I'd like to smack this guy right in the face" took over. So now, every time I see this guy, I will remember that he did that. Is that ridiculous? Probably. But how rude is that? Really? God, people drive me crazy. I would never dream of doing something like that.

As for Maryland Sheep and Wool, I heard a rumor at my LYS that Blue Moon Fiber Arts is going to be there with their Socks That Rock yarn. They are not listed among the vendors on the website. Truth? Or Rumor? I guess we'll find out. I'm looking forward to seeing all the bloggers at 1:30pm. If you want to meet me, I'll be the one with the "I'm afraid to go home because I spent too much money" look on my face.


Liz Cadorette said...

BMFA will be at The Fold's booth -- Toni, who owns The Fold, is also an owner or backer or something of the sort in Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

Guess which booth I'm planning to hit early on? :)