Friday, May 26, 2006

ZYX Friday - Featuring the letter "H"

H is for Hollidaysburg

The town of Hollidaysburg was first laid out in 1796. Hollidaysburg became the main transfer point between the Pennsylvania Canal and the Portage Railroad, a gateway to Western Pennsylvania. In 1836 Hollidaysburg was established as a borough.

When Blair County was organized in 1846, Hollidaysburg was designated as the county seat. This designation allowed the borough to prosper when politicians and attorneys became attracted to the borough.

Hollidaysburg features fabulous architecture, friendly residents, and is the home of the "Slinky" toy invented here by the James Family in 1945.

Check out Hollidaysburg here: Hollidaysburg: Hollidaysburg History

In other news...
I've been spinning since my class yesterday. (photos later... I don't have my camera cord at home and I'm still taking a few vacation days) My spinning is extremely elementary at this point but since my class yesterday, I'm certainly better at it than I was. I got a new lighter weight drop spindle that is making a lot of difference. And I actually plyed some of the yarn I made. So it's been fun. Shelly offered to let me borrow one of her wheels to REALLY spin but I declined at this point. I might take her up on that at some time in the future. I'm just afraid that would send me into an addiction that I don't need right now!

So I get the Burberry Umbrella the other day that I purchased on ebay. After sending the guy 4 emails that went unanswered, it shows up in the mail. Yep... it's a fake. How many times have I told my kids and clients... if it sounds too good to be true, it's probably not true. The thing looks SO authentic. But there is an "S" at the end of the Burberry logo. And you can tell that the quality is "made in china" quality. Oh well. I can pretend, can't I??

I bought the yarn for Colin's sweater yesterday. It's a brown tweed cotton/acrylic blend from Kraemer Yarns which is a mill in Nazareth, Pennsylvania. My daughter came into the LYS yesterday while I was spinning and picked the yarn out.

I might (keyword: MIGHT) get Colin for the night tonight. I almost have my daughter talked into bringing him late and picking him up early in the AM so they can get some sleep. He has been a little bugger for the past few nights. It's been a while since a baby kept me up all night...but believe me, I'm up to the challenge.


Yvonne said...

File a complaint with ebay...say the seller misrepresented. That's what I would do. :)

Anonymous said...

I've been researching some of these Burberry umbrellas (which is how I stumbled onto your page). The Burberrys of London did used to go by label of "Burberrys" but had discarded that for "Burberry" as it uses elsewhere. This happened somewhere from five to ten years ago (accounts on the internet about this change differ, but they all agree it was a long time ago). The combination of "Made in China" and "Burberrys" probably does point to a fake though. From what I've been reading online, Burberry does make some things in China now, but, again, the "Burberrys" label would require that it have been made in China quite a while back, which I don't think Burberry was doing back then.