Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Knitting Night

Ok.. so where were we? Right.. I was making a little summer cotton Erin bag. The knitting is finished for that and I got the handles and fabric today for the lining. The rattan handles from JoAnn look fine with the summery cotton. I did not like them for the wool. So, take THAT rip-off company with the expensive handles. You lose this time around. I think since I have so much Kertzer butterfly mercerized cotton left over I will start another one of those tonight at knitting night. No sense knocking myself out over the Lady Eleanor Stole for Mother's Day when there is no hope of finishing it in time anyhow. That Kertzer Butterfly cotton yarn is fabulous to knit with. It feels so good. I want to make another summer top with that.

So I tried to talk pregnant daughter into going with me to knitting night this evening. She said she would think about it and call me. No call so far. I think she's too chicken to go. She keeps saying she wants to learn but she lacks follow-through. Maybe it's just as well. Who needs this addiction?? I can just picture the poor baby laying in the cradle wailing his head off and her saying..... not now honey... mommy has to figure out these decreases. Maybe it's best that she doesn't go.

I've decided to go to Maryland Sheep and Wool. Yes, Regis, that is my final answer. I'm so there. My only problem with this is that last year I had a goal when I went. I had projects in mind. I knew what I wanted to look for. This year, I have projects in mind, but the yarn that I want for those is at my LYS. I will definitely buy some roving to give the hand spindle another go. (last year I thought the roving was cotton candy. well, not really, but I didn't get it at all) I don't have anything specific in mind for a yarn purchase. I guess I'll just know it when I see it. (and I also know there will not be a lot of it!) The really good news is that I talked to my good friend who lives in Frederick, Maryland and I will probably stop to see her on the way home. That will be nice. Of course minutes turn into hours with her so I better go prepared to spend the night. She is my age but she started having kids much later than me and she just has the cutest little girl. Maybe I'll teach her to knit while I'm there.

Why do we feel this urge to convert people?