Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Weekend Knitting Frenzy

Earlier this morning I tried to post way too much and the entire post crashed and burned. So look for several posts throughout the day as I will post here and there until I get all caught up. Lots of photos... lots of knitting!

My husband promised me a dumpster over my long vacation/holiday weekend so we could clean out 29 years worth of JUNK in the attic and basement and garage. When no dumpster materialized, I decided to do nothing but spin and knit. And that's exactly what I did. It's not that there weren't other more important things to do to use my time off wisely. No, I just decided to pout. And knit. And spin.

Here's a start:

This is the spindle I got from Shelly at my spinning class. It's light weight and it really helped me learn. Below is one of the little skeinettes... yes, a feeble attempt at spinning and plying.

I remain convinced that somehow, someday, I can do something with these!


LaurieG said...

Oooh a Lollipop! I have one too. (I might have two. I think I got a Christmas one a couple of years ago, but I can't find it now. Story of my life.) Mine is blue! Love it for making lace weight yarn.

shell said...

Hi Holly!!
Glad to see you are working on it- You are getting better - it just takes practice. Remember - I do have a extra wheel here if you want to borrow it.
So glad you like my spindles!

spinjenny said...

A beautiful spindle, but not actually a Lollipop. Shelly paints her own spindles, as you can see if you follow Holly's link. Holly, you are doing well - keep practising!

dorothy in wyoming said...

Grin that is not a lollipop that is one of the spindles that Shell makes. You can get them at her site

I have a lovely one with a yellow rose :)