Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Non-knitting Rambling... you were warned.

The diet. The diet is not going well. It was going well. It isn't any more. I'm swimming in my 12's and my circulation is cut off in my 10's. Why don't they make 10 1/2's?? I'm tired of dieting and I want a big fat pizza or hoagie. And I want it now. One more bowl of Cheerios for breakfast and I'm going to go insane. Don't get me wrong. I like Cheerios. But I also like donuts and Sheetz Schmuffins or whatever they're called. Not to mention the ever popular Egg McMuffin.

In keeping with being negative today, I think I got ripped off (again) on Ebay. And not only that, but on the exact same item that I got ripped off on before. I did the "buy it now" feature on a Burberry Umbrella. I paid instantly with paypal. I have not heard one word from the seller and he's not answering my emails. Dammit. For the money I've lost on these umbrella's, I could have gone to New York, walked into Burberry, and paid full price for one of the things. I swear to God... that's it for me and ebay. Never again.

But on a positive note, I got email from Cheryl that there is going to be a knitting in public day at Point Park on June 10th and I'm invited to join in the fun. First of all, I LOVE Point Park. I have dragged my husband there on more than one occasion to have a picnic. Something I love and he hates. Anyway, I think I just might go. Why not? If I wake up that day, and the sun is shining, I'm so there.


Yvonne said...

Holly...have the pizza. Just make sure you have reasonable food the rest of the day! And don't have pizza today and the hoagie tomorrow. Give it a day in between. You'll do fine.

I cannot believe you got ripped off on ebay. Report the seller to ebay, and then report it also to Paypal. They should give you your $$ back if you don't get the item.

Anonymous said...

Knitting at Point Park?? I'll be there on my lunch hour!


Z said...

Give it up....Point Park like MY Point Park???? June 10???? Tell me all about it!