Monday, May 01, 2006

weekend stuff

I got a present.

I got an Eddie Bauer Pack and Play. It's a combination bassinette, changing station and play yard. I guess this means I have to babysit!!! Boy, I'll hate that. :-) Since my daughter's new house is torn completely apart due to renovations, it seems now that I'm the only one ready for this baby! The diapers are the ones from the diaper cake.

This is Zoe, the granddog. We have her until they get their house finished. She is sort of confused and sad. She feels displaced. And the really sad thing is that we have to keep correcting her all the time because she wants to play too hard with Irish. Irish is old. She doesn't want to play and Zoe can't understand that. I'll be happy when they get settled. Of course then she'll have the baby to contend with.

In knitting news I started another little Erin bag in summer cotton. I'm not liking it. I should rip it out and redo the pattern for smaller needles but I'm too far into it so I'll just finish it this way. No sense posting a photo because it's in navy blue and you couldn't see the pattern anyhow.

I put another tier on the Lady Eleanor Stole last night too. I finally figured that I'll never have it finished for Mother's Day. I can only get one tier on per evening and unless someone figures out how to move Mother's Day until the end of the month it's never going to happen.

The weekend was really hectic. I got a lot done around the house. I FINALLY got the bathroom walls painted but the trim still needs finished. I also got all my weeding done and that is a huge job. So I feel good about that. Only about a million more things on the list to complete.