Friday, May 19, 2006

ZYX Photo Friday - Featuring the letter "I"

I is for Indigo Girls

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I absolutely love their music. I love their lyrics. I'm not on board with their political views but I am willing to look past it and concentrate on their talent which is stellar. I became a fan when my daughter and son-in-law chose their song "Power of Two" to be the song they danced to at their wedding. I still cry every time I hear that song. It brings that day back. It was the best day. My husband quickly became a fan of their music too and when he heard they were coming to Seven Springs last summer, he suggested we go to the concert. First of all, he never wants to go anywhere so I was surprised. Second of all, he was totally unaware of the genre and type of crowd that I knew would be there. (he's a pretty conservative guy) I chose not to warn him, we went, we had a great time. The political ranting was the only thing that put him off. We went to Seven Springs for our first anniversary in 1978 and it was the first time I had been back since. I didn't remember anything about it. It was like I had never been there before. I thought that was extremely strange.