Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Elle est finie!!

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This is my last clapotis post...I promise! She's done and I love her. After much deliberation and searching other knitting blogs I have decided not to block her. I found more regrets about it than satisfaction. The beauty of this thing is that it's "springy". It collapses into a scarf-like appearance but easily opens into a wrap. I don't want to lose that bounce that makes it what it is. I do have a slight problem with the fact that the edges and the corners turn up a little but I guess I'll have to live with that. Because I loved making it, and because I know other people will love it, I plan on making more of these. The next time I will use wooden needles and stitch markers that don't separate. The yarn kept getting caught in those markers and the metal needles were way too slippery for the rayon yarn. If by chance you are contemplating making one of these, don't let the directions scare you. It looks very daunting but the only changes in the pattern are at the beginning and end of each row. The pattern is repetitive and easy to remember... you don't have to think and you can definitely watch televison while knitting. The length of the pattern is just a testament to how well it is written and easy to follow. You'll see.

So last night was LYS knitting night. We have decided to go to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival on May 7th. 2005 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival - Home I am so excited about it.
The women in the group are wonderful but I really don't know any of them very well. I wish Cate would be home from school by then to go along but it's one week too soon. When I told my DH about going to a sheep and wool festival it was all he could do to hide his amusement. They just don't get it, do they?

I put a few inches on the sweater sleeve after finishing clapotis. That made me feel good. But the whole time I was working on it my mind was racing about which project to start next. I keep trying to remember that my goal this year is to learn new things so maybe a lace scarf might be in order. I could use that as a Christmas gift for someone. I've never knit lace before. Oh well, whatever I decide, you'll be the first to know.


luvs2knit said...

Where is your LYS? The clapotis looks wonderful. I love the color and I'm sure you'll enjoy wearing it. I wished you lived closer too because the more, the merrier for the knitting group.

Julie said...

How PRETTY! I love that color. I may just block my ends when I'm done-- the points-- and let the rest "do its thing". I'm hoping to finish it within the next day or two (IF UPS EVER GETS HERE) so I can wear it before it gets too warm!

I might be in P'burgh in Nov., I'll have to ask you about LYS while I am there!