Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Hunt is Officially On...

....for Cascade 220 dye lot # 8811. Neither of the two skeins of blue yarn at my LYS matched the yarn. While they nearly matched each other, they didn't come close to matching my yarn when I got them home. So my LYS lady will put the word out with other vendors but if anyone is making a trip to their LYS soon, and they carry Cascade 220, please check it out for me. I never did find any of my yarn bands but I found the receipt and fortunately, my LYS proprietor always puts the dye lots on the receipts.

If we don't come up with the yarn, I've decided that I'm not going to get all whacked out about it.
It's only a sweater. It can be frogged and made into something else.

My son's friend's little 13 year old brother dropped dead in gym class yesterday from a heart attack. So I won't be worrying too much about yarn. If you know what I mean. Things have a way of being put into prospective.


Tara said...

Oh my god, that is so sad! You're right about putting things in perspective...

could you just shorten the sleeves a bit to make it work out?