Friday, April 08, 2005

The New Knitty

new knitty

CLEAVES - I don't get it. I don't get who would get it. I don't get why the person who does get it gets it.

W - Love it, love it, love it - want to make it.

MARIPOSA - Nope, not in this lifetime.

CAMBIO - Cute, but not for me.

ASANA - Very cute. But I'd be afraid I'd have to exercise if I made it, and, sorry, we can't have that.

XBACK - Adorable, just adorable. I could see Cate in that.

SOLEIL - I'd make this. In fact, I'd make several of these.

I DO - Well, I don't. (but I could see where a bride might)

SPRING FLING - Once again, cute, but not for me.

TIE ONE ON - That's cute, but I'd never wear it.

BRANCHING OUT - Lovely.... could be my first lace project.

HOT TAMALE - I was born WAY too soon for this little number.

CECILIA - every little girl should have one.

VIA DIAGNONALE - Like it, would carry it, probably wouldn't take the time to make it.

COCKTAIL MONKEY - Hey, how cute is that? Really?


WHEELIE - um, just, no.

PETALS - Cute and fun.... what more can you say?

Congratulations to all the designers. Not everything is for everyone. Different strokes for different folks and all that. They are all creative and unique designs.


Catie said...

My birthday is on Thursday and I would like a few of those Xback tanktops. Thanks - Cate :)

luvs2knit said...

Nothing tickled my fancy. I submitted a pattern and they turned it down. Perhaps, something else wonderful will enter my brain (one of these days).