Friday, October 14, 2005

If You Could Knit ANYTHING.... What Would It Be?

If time, money, and skill were not objects, what would you knit? This is what I would knit... and it would be white and I'd wear it to a holiday party:

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I love this sweater. It's beyond my skills but someday... The interesting thing about this sweater is that when you google "interlocking cables" which is the name of the pattern, you will find posts ABOUT the sweater in knitting blogs, but you can't find anyone who actually MADE the sweater. One look at the pattern and you're screaming for your mother. That's how scary it is.

Another thing that scares me about this pattern is that I'm afraid it would be like the Debbie Bliss "Simply Marilyn" pattern. Simply Marilyn from Interweave Press I coveted this sweater for a long time. Then, I googled "Simply Marilyn" and found photos of the completed sweater in knitting blogs and they were horrendous. They DID NOT look like the sweater in the magazine.
So, I'm afraid that even if I did have the skill necessary for "Interlocking Cables", the finished product would be one of those ugly duckling second class "wannabees". Who knows? Hard to say.

Anyway, what would you knit? If you're a Pittsburgh knitter, post it to your blog. I read them all.


LaurieG said...

I read 'em all too! Look for mine...