Wednesday, January 18, 2006

ABC Along

I love the idea of the ABC Along that Jill is participating in. I'd like to join that one but as you might have noticed, I don't regularly join "alongs". Why you ask? Mostly because I can't get the darned buttons on my side bar. I had to have my niece in London add the "Pittsburgh Secret Pal" button for me because I just can't figure it out. And I wanted to join that one bad!!! Normally I wouldn't bother her to do it.

Yes, there are a few other buttons there.... I sat one day and played and played and played until I got them on there. The next time I tried to do it, I couldn't. So, to save myself the frustration, I just don't even try anymore.

But I do love the idea of the ABC along so I am hereby declaring Fridays as the designated day of the week for my own ABC Along. Feel free to join me... without actually joining anything! Maybe I should call it something else.

How about the "Friday Photo ZYX Along". Yep, I'm going backwards.
Stay tuned.

Wow.... X?????


Donna said...

Me me me! I want to join! So how does this work? Are we going to start with A this Friday? Does there have to be a theme? Hmm what to post first? LOL!