Wednesday, January 25, 2006


I've decided to join in on all the stash assessment that's been going on. Here's what I have:

Irish Aran Yarn for Rogue (purchased by my daughter in Ireland).... I will do that this year.

Lace weight (gorgeous wool) from Natasha to be used for a shawl... haven't decided on a pattern

Lace weight (lt. blue cotton) for Michaela... a shawl pattern that I WILL eventually conquer (maybe)

Bulky green wool for Kelly's big sweater (best yarn "score" ever at the LYS sale)

Lots of skeins of acrylic for a afghan I started and never finished

A few skeins of Kelly Green Wool Ease purchased to make head covers for golf clubs. (made one, he didn't like it)

sock yarn:

Hand dyed from Natasha (lovely)

Knit Picks colorway "Cape Cod"

Opal Petticoat

Magic Stripes by LionBrand (not sure why I bought that... I really don't want it)

Yarn for Felting:

Cascade 220 - probably about 6 skeins total with no particular project in mind

Lambs Pride Bulky - 2 skeins for a purse that never got made

I'm sure I have some that I'm forgetting about and I have tons and tons of left overs...especially sock yarn destined to be "remnant socks" which I LOVE to make but never have the time.

So, all in all, it could be worse. I'd love to say I won't buy more until I use some of this up but I know that will never happen because I want to buy baby blue and white DK for Colin James (my grandson to be born in May). I found a great pattern at JoAnn Fabrics for him. And I need to buy black and gold for Steeler Christmas socks. Those will be my next purchases.

I LOVE buying yarn.


Donna said...

hee hee I have four large plastic totes of yarn. One is my just everyday acrylic, one is more acrylic and my cotton yarns, one if full of better acrylics and a bunch of novelty yarn, and the last one has my good wool and sock yarns in it. So much yarn, so little time.

Heather said...

Hmmm... This looks like fun to join in with. Maybe this weekend I can do a bit of stash assessment but I'm not sure I want to be honest with myself and admit I have a bit of a yarn acquisiton problem. LOL