Sunday, January 29, 2006

Completely and Totally Delusional

I have a confession to make. My stash report of last week was not quite accurate. In fact, it was WAY inaccurate. But in my defense, that's how I saw it in my mind. I didn't actually look at it to make that report. I thought of projects that I had yarn for. I think subconsciously I was blocking out what is reality.

Today, in an effort to get organized and clean up our spare room, I decided to reorganize the stash into tupperware bins. I'm still in shock. Let's suffice it to say the my previous report is about 1/4 of what I actually have.

I thought about taking a photo, but then decided not to. It's too shameful. But this was a good excercise for me today. I know now that I have to use this yarn before buying more. (except for Colin's stuff, of course) The thing is, I thought I could get rid of some of it on ebay or have a fun blog contest or something like that, but every skein in there is for a project that I really want to do. I bought all of it for a reason and I really haven't given up on any of those projects. And I have enough left over sock yarn to knit grandkids socks for the rest of their lives!

My husband was watching the re-organization project. All he could do was shake his head. He did mention something about being able to buy a new car with that money but we won't go there.


LaurieG said...

Well, I'm not going to list my stash. Let's just say it's large. But about the $$ -- I admit to a pang of guilt about it also. But then I realised that my husband spends more a day on lunch than I do on yarn. And I certainly get more enjoyment from the yarn!

SJ said...

I wish I was able to be delusional about the size of my stash! Granted, it's grown quite a bit in the last week (due to my need to stock up for the Knitting Olympics), but in a one-bedroom apartment there's only so much space for yarn -- especially as it needs to compete with space for shoes and clothes.