Thursday, January 12, 2006

I Get Knocked Down.....

But I get up again. Remember that song? It would appear that the score is: Intarsia 1, Holly 0.

This is the point in my previous knitting life that I would just throw in the towel and start a scarf with the yarn. But not this time. I'm determined to learn these new things now. I won't let it beat me. I have grandchildren coming to knit for!

The one thing I'm sure of, is that even though I get the idea, I need to read more about it and get some tips. And I need to buy those bobbins. I don't think you can do this working with big skeins of yarn like I was trying to do last night.

My husband said, "I can't believe you can't figure that out. I thought you knew everything."
Isn't that a riot? People have no idea how complicated this craft can be and how much there is to learn. Turn out one little baby aran and people think you're Alice Starmore. Ha!

It's so unseasonably warm here. I'm not complaining but it sure is weird. The birds are singing outside my window like it's Spring. They are in for a rude awakening when this little cold weather hiatus passes. It sure is great for the gas bills. This weather also gets the real estate market a little hotter too. People start thinking about it when the weather is mild. It's amazing how the phones ring in nice weather and they are dead when it is real winter weather. Oh well, I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

Oh, while searching for Intarsia help I came upon this website. I think it's useful...
Wool Works: hints and tips for knitters