Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Purse Handles

You have all heard me talk about the rip-off company. The fact is, they have quality stuff. The other fact is, even though it is quality stuff, it is still overpriced. The last fact is, that until I can find another company that offers quality stuff for a lot less, I will continue to purchase from the rip-off company.

In desperation, I emailed the customer service department the other day and asked them if they had brown, round, wooden purse handles in a 6" circumference even though they don't have it on their web site. I told them I have ordered the 4" handles and they are perfect.. I just need them bigger.

I got a return email telling me that they do indeed have 6" brown, wooden, round handles and that they are # 36241 (or something like that) and can be viewed on the website. I thought, how did I miss that? I looked at that site 100 times trying to find something that would work. So I go to the website and punch in the number and this is what comes up.

Image hosted by

Now, where I come from rattan is not to be confused with smooth, solid wood. The image above, and this image:

Image hosted by

are two entirely different things. She got me all excited for nothing.

So you're saying, why not just use those? Here are my thoughts and you can give me your opinion. These Erin bags are wool and they have a definite "winter" accessory appearance. To me, rattan, is sort of a summer thing. I associate rattan with summer. Summer porch furniture, sandals, etc. I don't think they would look good on these bags. Unless of course it would be cotton yarn. Then it would be perfection! Am I crazy?