Friday, January 06, 2006

Weekend Knitting Goals

1. Assemble large Erin Bag.

2. Finish Clapotis III

3. Make some sort of progress on Kepler Sleeve

4. Read over directions for baby Corrie's sweater (if they come today or tomorrow)

Hmmmn..... Can I do it??

Must do office floor time Saturday morning 9 to 12.
Must pick mother up at dialysis at 1:30pm
Must shop for luggage on sale - Late Christmas present from my parents. (why did I ask for that? I don't go anywhere)
Must go to fabric store for purse lining and fabric glue
Must start laundry
Must cook Dinner
Must go to brother's house to collect check for candy (service organization fund raiser)

Must go to Church
Must clean house
Must paint bathroom
Must finish laundry
Must cook dinner
Must find lost fruitcake (long story)

My guess is that we're looking at a 4 hour window of opportunity to get all those knitting goals accomplished.

If you are a betting person, what will get finished.... and what won't???